As your BIM partner, it’s our job to help increase efficiency through a complete range of services for any given project requirement, as described below. Additionally, our team of BIM professionals is trained to work on multiple software platforms, removing any compatibility issues that are often faced in global collaboration and ensuring proper importation of data and successful project delivery in any specified format. Build Source also utilizes collaborative tools that allow for real-time client participation through video connectivity and file sharing with scalable access levels. The result, a simplified process for critical review of all activity, enabling our clients to make on the spot decisions for coordinated BIM production and, ultimately, considerable cost savings for the project lifecycle.

On-site BIM Support Solutions

Technological advances in communication have reduced the size of our planet considerably, and Build Source leverages availale resources to work virtually with its clients around the world. Nevertheless, we recognize the importance of human interaction when it comes to coordination of services for complex projects, and as such Build Source offers its clients on-site BIM professionals to bridge the gap between real and virtual worlds

Facility Management

Having already revolutionized architecture, engineering and construction, another huge potential of BIM is to provide accurate, timely, and relevant information not just during design and construction stage but also throughout the lifecycle of a project. The use of BIM technology in the operational phase of a building’s lifecycle brings transparency of asset data and is bound to change how Facility Management is handled. It’s absolutely not about more work, it’s about smarter working, and it applies to all public and private sectors including all types of property, from housing to hospitals, and will be incredibly useful for all buildings, not just new build. While Facility Managers do not need to be experts in CAD technology or 3D modeling, they can acquire a new set of skills while engaging with BIM to support collection, interpretation and analysis if data to facilitate preventive management of properties.

3D Visualization

Widely considered the most impactful benefit of BIM, visualization of a project in 3D offers users a powerful tool for design, construction and even marketing. Build Source works with Virtual Reality hardware to offer complex and immersive viewing of BIM models, detailed to the highest levels to give clients the ability to conduct walkthroughs, specify objects and materials, and ultimately experience their asset in full before construction begins.

Scan to BIM

BIM has proven its value as a collaboration tool for new construction projects, but also has value for existing assets and future renovation through ‘Scan to BIM’. Build Source works with Point Cloud data to generate a 3D model that is futher validated through the Scan to BIM add-on in Autodesk Revit, with automated recognition and placement of architectural elements such as walls and columns, as well as MEP elements such as pipes, ducts, conduits and more.

BIM Consultancy

Building Information Modeling has given the AEC industry a quantum leap in its ability to control the construction process from start to finish, similar to the way 2D drafting evolved from pen and paper. The emphasis of BIM is the “I”, as Information is critical for project management and asset protection, and Build Source provides access to this for all its clients, for strategic dissemination to their respective stakeholders and partners. The immediate benefits of using BIM can be found in coordination of services through clash-detection, leading to increased efficincies on the construction site. Construction Simulation, Time Sequencing, BOQ Extraction and “As-Built” modeling lead to continued benefits and cost-savings through BIM, that carry forward even after a project has been completed.

At Build Source, BIM Consultancy begins in the planning stage in order to ensure that data is properly collected and organized through a BIM Execution Plan, broken down in four primary phases:

  • Data Collection: All essential data including inputs and specification are collected from the client in any available format and consolidated by Build Source.
  • Project Strategy: Data provided by the client is analysed by Build Source in order to determine the most efficient process plan.
  • Coordination: The Build Source team collaborates with the client and all relevant project participants to coordinate all specified services through BIM.
  • Data Presentation: Build Source uses BIM for the extraction and presentation of coordinated data as per the client requirements, in any specified format.
CAD Services

At Build Source Consult, we are able to support our clients with a number of CADD (Computer Aided Design and Drafting) services including conversion to CADD, concept development from sketches and client presentation. With the help of our CADD expert team, we can enable our clients to design and develop simultaneously, while allowing them to focus on their core competencies. Our skilled CAD and Revit architects/draughtsmen are able to incorporate client feedback through regular video conferencing and the use of document management software like Blue Beam, which allow them to meet high output standards.


Construction Documentation

The creation of Construction Documents through BIM results in error free 2D Shop Drawings, providing Contractors and Sub-Contractors to take to site for perfect execution. Build Source employs a full range of BIM experts for all disciplines, including Architecture, Structure, MEP and Special Services, enabling us to extract and annotate sheets that are scaled as per client requirements.

Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)

The American Institute of Architects defines Integrated Project Delivery as “a project delivery approach that integrates people, systems, business structures and practices into a process that collaboratively harnesses the talents and insights of all participants to optimize project results, increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency through all phases of design, fabrication, and construction.” At Build Source, IPD through BIM is the focus of our collaborative methods, and is best demonstrated with Virtual Design and Construction, where statistics suggest that project management through BIM can lead to more than 5% cost savings on the construction site. VDC allows us to simulate the process before getting to the project site, where errors and delays can result in massive losses. By reviewing the construction in advance through BIM and correcting errors ahead of time, efficiencies are increased and money is saved.

Expertise in Bentley (AECOSIM)
While Revit remains the primary choice for BIM and is the most commonly used software for the AEC industry, Build Source continues to train our personnel on mutliple platforms and offers clients support through Bentley AECOsim, which is often preffered by Architects and Designers. AECOsim offers a truly integrated BIM solution for Architecture, Engineering, Construction, and Owner/operator simulations (AECO), and is designed for full life cycle project management.
Pre Construction Logistics

A BIM model is just the tip of the iceberg, the very beginning of modern construction data creation. A content rich model means a complete database of quantities, schedules and construction management reports that all stakeholders can use to complete the project on time and within budget. Our pre-construction site logistics include a visual representation of comprehensive planning and implementation services for our clients. Starting from the project conception stage, we offer dedicated planning and estimation services through BIM.

Content Creation and Revit Families

A critical component of BIM is the use of fully-parametric objects, allowing users to design in detail and coordinate services at the highest level. In order to provide our clients with extensive options for their content, Build Source specializes in family creation in compliance with BIM Object Standards and maintains a current database through the National BIM Library. Build Source works from multiple forms of source material, including 2D or free hand sketches, and converts the data to 3D while adding the relevant information such as manufacturer information, product codes, etc., resulting in custom objects that can be accurately placed within a BIM model and easily updated with any fabrication changes.

Manpower Services

At Build Source Consult, we can provide manpower services for the AEC industry to clients across the globe. Our Recruitment Process attracts talent through our flexible and scalable solutions which can include anything from sourcing,selection and onboarding. Built upon our deep recruiting expertise and based on our rigorous reference check process, our approach ensures the results you need. Our high-performance recruiters focus on finding the best candidate for each job, saving you time, energy and money, while improving hiring efficiencies.